History of the Foundation

Back in '09 ...
The Foundation was formed in 2009 as an avenue to raise funds for classroom technology and instruction development for KISD classrooms. The foundation was formed by two local businessmen, Bobby Beane and Randy Brogoitti in conjunction with the KISD administration. The foundation chose not to go public but to approach individual businesses and community members for the first projects. The foundation was able to raise $55,000 in just a few weeks and received matching funds of $100,000 from the local school district to implement stage I technology. Stage I technology included the implementation of smart boards, interactive devices, video cameras as well as other instructional tools in core academic classes that provide for instructional delivery through the use of multimedia applications such as Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, pod casting, video streaming and numerous other web based software at the Middle and High School campuses. Through these donations the district was able to install 41 technology based interactive packages within classrooms at KHS and MLMS.

Phase II:  2010-2011
Phase II of the program included the continuation of the classroom technology packages into all elementary classrooms as well as the increase of student computers and interactive student devices.

To celebrate success and honor other contributors, the Foundation instituted a Wall of Honor.  The inductees were leaders of the community and have made significant contributions to Kilgore ISD.  Margaret Martin and George Faber were named in this first year and a reception held on their behalf.

Moving Forward:  2011-2012
In the third year, the Foundation began to shift focus onto individual devices for student use.  In conjunction with District goals, the Foundation targeted library programs and hand-held devices for student use.  Libraries shifted their focus to become "Learning Commons" and while student devices were available for check-out and classroom use.

Jeanette Holt was chosen as the third member of the Education Wall of Honor.

Continued Success:  2012-2013
Kilgore ISD experienced great change in this fourth year as preparations were under way to open two new schools and complete major renovations on two existing campuses.  Foundation goals assisted the district in pushing out even more mobile devices into the hands of more students.  Teachers took part in additional professional development made possible with Foundation funds.

Bill Brantley, Sr., was honored as the fourth member of the Education Wall of Honor.

Inspiring Success:  2013-2014
The Foundation adopted a renewed focus for the 2013-2014 school year.  Impressed with student results, the Foundation endorsed the nSPIRE program with three key objectives:  assist teachers with tools for top-quality instruction, enable students with 21st Century learning tools and enrich student learning with authentic, real-world experiences.  

The 203-2014 Wall of Honor inductee was Terry George.

Fostering Innovation:  2015-2016
Several Foundation members were inspired by a film that depicted innovations in education.  In November 2015, a premiere showing of Most Likely to Succeed was screened at Kilgore High School.  Members of the community joined students and faculty in a dialogue about how a "future-ready" education should look.  In the spring of 2016, the Foundation awarded approximately $20,000 in grants to teachers to support innovative practices.

Cultivating Innovation:  2016-2017

Education is a lot like gardening.  You plant a seed, water it, nurture it, feed it.  And then you let it take off on its own. The KISD Education Foundation “Prize Patrol” awarded four grants for innovative teaching projects.  The grants totalled nearly $22,000 and will directly impact over 344 students in specific projects.

  • KHS Greenhouse and Garden

  • KHS Robotics Tools

  • Game Design - 3D Modelling

25,000 Reasons to Celebrate:  2017-2018

The KISD Education Foundation funded three teacher grants totalling over $25,000.  Teachers submitted proposals and then pitched their ideas “Shark Tank” style to a Foundation committee.  The funded proposals included:

  • Magic is Science and Science is Magic - $19,436.84 for teachers at KPS

  • Breakout EDU - Teachers at KMS

  • Makers Gonna Make - $5,679 for teachers at KHS